V.A./Hiroki-mode Music Mode Volume.01 ebisu


2.Summer Alone/ Hiroaki Saitoh×Teruki Izumi

3.Life is good (Let’s go to hot springs!)/ サワサキヨシヒロ!

4.灼熱 (ChataniX Feelon’)/ VENUS FLY TRAPP

5.青い花/ folk under foundation

6.mooging out/ Electrical LOVERS feat. SUGIZO

7.Mother/ ebee#1+senju feat. shizuka

8.new island for s.t.h.s.t/ Toshifumi Tsuyama(Omi)

9.Sine and Pulse/ Tokyo Counterpoint

10.Whisper to the sky (smooth urban mix)/ Kathleen Marphy Jackson

11.Raise your hands/ i-dep