Tokyo 2020 Olympic, Paralympic
JUDO, KARATE Sound Produce
Sound Produce For VR site of Yokoyama Taikan Memorial Hall

Grand Hyatt Tokyo
Curated 2 Japanese restaurants called Roku Roku and Shunbou on the Grand Hyatt Tokyo.

A compilation album produced as background music for the art villa
“Ryukyu Villa”on Amami Oshima.
UNBORN meditation
「432Hz Sound」Produce
Rubik’s Cube Inspiration
Project: Complete list of videos short MIX
Sound Design
The All-Japan University Rugby
Theme music, Direction
Radio commercial, Sound Design
Aichi Tourism Bureau
Sound Design
In-store BGM, Direction and Production
YAMA (SKY Channel)
Sound Design
Tiffany, Opening ceremony of Ginza store
Sound Design


432Hz Project

All things existing in this world are vibrating. We humans are also constantly vibrating at the cellular level. it is expressed as a frequency today though it is invisible to the eye.Vibrating things resonate with each other.The first step in tuning a musical instrument is to determine the absolute height (pitch) of the fundamental sound.

The standard frequency that has been officially adopted worldwide is A=440Hz. However, this 440 Hz standard pitch was actually established less than 100 years ago. (*Adopted in the U.S. in 1926 and set to 440 Hz at the London International Conference in 1939.) Until then, the standard pitch was 432 Hz. Sauveur, the father of physics, Steiner, and the Italian composer Verdi all recommended 432 Hz as the standard pitch. Verdi lobbied the Italian government to use “La naturale” as the most harmonious pitch in nature, and in 1884, 432 Hz became the standard pitch set by the government.

“La naturale” was the frequency adopted by school of music up to the 18th century as the most physically natural for the human body. Classical music sounds completely different today than it did at the time it was composed.
432Hz is also known as the frequency of the universe.

There are many frequencies in the cosmic cycle that have octave relationships with 432Hz. It is mathematically consistent with the regularity of the universe, unifying light, time, space, material, and gravity, and is deeply involved in the DNA code.

It is believed that 432Hz is the pitch that synchronizes and resonates with the cycles of the universe.
We are proud to present the 432Hz Project, a collection of music tuned to 432Hz, intended to heal the body and mind.