SUGIZO, “SPIRITUARISE” (Remixed by Electrical LOVERS)


12/05/2007 Album (CD),


01. SPIRITUARISE (Remix by JUNO REACTOR) 02. DO-FUNK DANCE (Remix by Sine6) 03. INITIATION OF REBELLION (Remix by REBEL FAMILIA) 04. SUPER SENSUAL LOVE (Remix by MASA) 05. SUPER LOVED UP (Remix by うばたま) 06. ENTER THE DRAGON (Remix by PISTON NISHIZAWA) 07. OCEAN COLOR DO-FUNK (Remix by CHATANIX) 08. SUPER LOVE-IN(Remix by Electrical LOVERS) 09. Tell Me Why You Don’t Love Me? (Remix by SUGIZO) 10. Dear SPRITUAL LIFE (Remix by SUGIZO)